Through the store, JARABE DE PALO ® provides visitors and users of the store with access to a wide variety of benefits and content on products and services related to the retail distribution of coffee consumer products. The JARABE DE PALO ® store has been developed for the benefit of final consumers and companies, current or potential clients of JARABE DE PALO ®, established in Spanish territory.

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Conditions of access

Access to the website is conditioned on the prior reading and acceptance by the Users of these General Conditions. By accessing and using the website, it will be understood that the User expresses her agreement, expressly, fully and without reservations, with the entire content of these General Conditions in the version published on the website at the time of access.

If the User does not agree with the content of these General Conditions, they must therefore refrain from accessing the website and operating through it.

Access to the web through the URL jarabedepalo.wine is free for Users and its viewing does not require prior subscription or registration. However, the contracting of certain services or products does require the User’s registration on the web, in the terms described below, and the prior acceptance of the General Purchase Conditions that develop and complement these General Conditions.

As a User, you declare to be of legal age and have sufficient legal capacity to be bound by these General Conditions and to use and, where appropriate, contract and purchase products on the jarabedepalo.wine website.

The User accepts, expressly and without exceptions, that access to and use of the website, its services and the contents of said services takes place under her sole and exclusive responsibility.


JARABE DE PALO ® makes the website available to the User with the information it contains, with the understanding that, despite the diligence put into its preparation, it could eventually contain inaccuracies or errors.

The user of the web jarabedepalo.wine assumes, knows and accepts, by the very fact of visiting it, that the data and information about products or services, and any other data and information contained in the Portal appear in it, solely and exclusively, For informational purposes, such as preliminary information available to the User’s attention, and that at any given time may contain errors, inaccuracies or be out of date.

JARABE DE PALO ® reserves the right to modify, at its discretion and unilaterally, at any time and without prior notice, the configuration of the website, the services and content provided therein, as well as to eliminate, limit, suspend or prevent access to them, temporarily or permanently.

3. Customer registration

The User may register as a user of the web.

The User expressly consents to the incorporation of new services on the JARABE DE PALO ® website to be implemented at all times, as well as to the modification of the characteristics, prices and other conditions of the existing services. It is the obligation of the registered user to notify JARABE DE PALO ® of any changes that may occur in their personal data.

It is the responsibility of the Registered User to provide due diligence to prevent access and / or use of the website by third parties who access or use the identification codes or keys on their behalf. Likewise, the Registered User is solely responsible for the choice, loss, theft or unauthorized use of any identification code or key and the consequences that may derive from it.

In any case, the registered User will be responsible for the proper use of the website and the custody of the access codes or identification keys, and must refrain from using them for illegal purposes or effects or contrary to the provisions of these General Conditions.

The User may at any time automatically unsubscribe as a User of the web, without this decision being retroactive, by phone at the number +34 601645533 or by email to the address info@jarabedepalo.wine


JARABE DE PALO ® maintains a confidentiality policy for the data provided by its customers, committing itself to the protection of the personal data of the Users of the web. Data protection extends to everything related to the collection and use of the information provided through the web.

In this sense, JARABE DE PALO ® guarantees you, in the terms established in Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13, on the Protection of Personal Data (LOPD), that it will treat your personal data confidentially, as well as that the server in which said data will be stored and processed, has the necessary security measures to prevent access to said data by unauthorized third parties. For this purpose, JARABE DE PALO ® guarantees that it has adopted technical and organizational security measures in its facilities, systems and files, in accordance with the provisions of Royal Decree 994/1999, of June 11, by which The Security Measures applicable to Automated files with Personal Data and other development regulations are approved. However, JARABE DE PALO ® may disclose to the competent public authorities the personal data and any other information that is in its possession through its computer systems when it is required in accordance with the legal and regulatory provisions applicable in each case.

In compliance with the provisions of the LOPD, the User will receive detailed information on the treatment and use of their personal data in the User registration form that must be completed in order to operate on the web and that must be subject to their express acceptance .


JARABE DE PALO ® declares and guarantees that the website has the necessary technology (software and hardware), to date, to access and use it. However, JARABE DE PALO ® does not guarantee the possible existence of viruses or other harmful elements, introduced by any means or by any third party, that may cause alterations in the User’s computer systems.

The User accepts that the website has been created and developed in good faith by JARABE DE PALO ® information from internal and external sources and offers it in its current state to the Users, and may contain inaccuracies or errors. For this reason, the User exonerates JARABE DE PALO ® any responsibility in relation to the reliability, usefulness or false expectation that the web could produce while browsing it.

For its part, the User guarantees that any activities carried out by him through the web will comply with the law, morals, public order, good customs and in no case will they be offensive to the good name and commercial image of JARABE DE PALO ®, for the rest of the Users of the web or for third parties.

For his part, the User undertakes not to obstruct the proper functioning of the website in any way and, especially, not to unduly overload the bandwidths or any other technical element susceptible to damage, not to transmit to the website or through of the same, no element likely to contain a computer virus or other element likely to damage, intercept or interfere totally or partially the web.

6. General limitation of liability

JARABE DE PALO ® does not make representations or offers guarantees of any kind, whether explicit or implicit, regarding the operation of the website or the information, content, software, materials, or products included in it to the extent permitted by the applicable legislation. Likewise, JARABE DE PALO ® is exonerated from providing any guarantees, whether explicit or implicit, including, among others, the implicit guarantees of suitability for a specific purpose. JARABE DE PALO ® shall not be liable for damages of any kind that may arise from the use of this website, including, among others, direct and indirect damages.

JARABE DE PALO ® is not responsible for any direct or indirect damages that may arise from the interruption of the service by the web as well as its continuity. Likewise, JARABE DE PALO ® is not responsible for possible errors or security deficiencies that may occur due to the use, by the web, of a browser of an outdated or insecure version, as well as for the activation of the devices of conservation of keys or identification codes of the User registered in the browser or of the damages, errors or inaccuracies that could derive from the malfunction of the same.

The User will be liable for damages of any kind that JARABE DE PALO ® may suffer as a direct or indirect consequence of the User’s breach of the General Conditions and, in particular, of the General Conditions of Purchase.


Users or owners of other websites who intend to create a hypertext link (hereinafter, link) to the website must ensure and commit to respect the rules of JARABE DE PALO ® on links in the Network. Said rules consist of:

· Do not establish links to pages or subpages other than the home page of JARABE DE PALO ®,

· Not to make false, inaccurate, incorrect statements next to the link, that may lead to error or that are contrary to the law, morals or good customs;

Do not establish links to pages that contain content, manifestations or propaganda of a racist, xenophobic, pornographic nature, apology of terrorism or an attack against human rights and in general may damage in any way the good commercial name or the image of JARABE DE PALO ® or your clients …

The inclusion of links or links with other websites does not imply that JARABE DE PALO ® promotes, endorses, guarantees or recommends the contents of said portals or websites. For its part, the web may contain links to other portals or web sites not managed by. JARABE DE PALO ® does not exercise any control over said portals or websites, nor is it responsible for their content. The links included in the web are offered, only as informative references, without any type of evaluation on the contents, owners, services or products offered from them.

Likewise, all offers, sales of products and services provided by third parties that are accessed through any of the Internet addresses of JARABE DE PALO ® or an Internet address shared with another provider, are subject to the General regulations applicable to Users in these General Conditions of Access and Use.

In any case, JARABE DE PALO ® are exonerated of all responsibility in relation to the services provided by said third parties against any claims of any nature and claims that may be filed in relation to them.


All the contents of the web (including, without limitation, databases, images, drawings, graphics, text files, audio, video and software) are the property of JARABE DE PALO ®, or of its content providers, having been In the latter case, they are licensed or assigned, and are protected by national or international intellectual and industrial property regulations. The compilation (understood as the compilation, design, arrangement and assembly) of all the content of the Portal is the exclusive property of JARABE DE PALO ® and is protected by national and international industrial and intellectual property regulations.

All software used in the use and development of the website is the property of JARABE DE PALO ® or its software providers and is protected by national and international industrial and intellectual property laws.

The trademarks, labels, distinctive signs or logos of JARABE DE PALO ® that appear on the website are owned by JARABE DE PALO ® and are duly registered or in the process of registration. The names of other products, services and companies that appear in this document or on the web may be registered trademarks of their respective and legitimate owners. All texts, graphic drawings, videos or audio supports are the property of JARABE DE PALO ®, or of its content providers, and the making available and use of databases, images, drawings, graphics, files of text, audio, video and software owned by JARABE DE PALO ® or its suppliers listed on the website does not imply, in any case, the transfer of ownership or the granting of a right of use in favor of it.

No reproduction of any part of the website may be sold or distributed for commercial gain nor should it be modified or incorporated into any other work, publication or website. Any use or misuse of the trademarks, designs, characters, characters, data, images, drawings, graphics, text files, audio, video and software, contained in this website is prohibited. You are advised that JARABE DE PALO ® will strictly enforce your copyright, industrial and intellectual property rights according to the maximum scope of the law.


JARABE DE PALO ® will endeavor to maintain the continuous availability of the website. However, any type of test, control and maintenance operation will be freely chosen and carried out by JARABE DE PALO ®. JARABE DE PALO ® reserves the full freedom to modify the transmission, monitoring or other means or technical services used to access or use the website.


If any clause of these General Conditions is declared, totally or partially, null or ineffective, such nullity or ineffectiveness will affect only said provision or part of it that is null or ineffective, the rest of the General Conditions subsisting in everything else. and having such provision or the part of it that is affected by not being placed, except that, as it is essential to these General Conditions, it should affect them in an integral way.


These General Conditions will be interpreted and governed in accordance with Spanish legislation. For any litigious matter derived from the existence, access, use or content of the General Conditions, both the Client and JARABE DE PALO ®, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may correspond to them, submit to the jurisdiction and exclusive competence of the Courts and Courts of Denia.

JARABE DE PALO ® is available to all Users to improve the content and services of the web. If you have any suggestions or proposals, do not hesitate to contact by phone at +34 601645533 or by email at info@jarabedepalo.wine


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