JARABE DE PALO ® wines are the new liquor wines from the Marina Alta, White and Red Vermouth and a new Mistela. UNIQUE liquor wines from old vines of muscat of Alexandria. Certified by the DO Alicante, these exclusive wines are the result of the collaboration side by side between the Antonio Llobell Winery, the winemaker Víctor Martín and Macaulay & Cumming with their differentiating contribution Oak Master®.

According to Víctor Martín, the vermouths and Mistela JARABE DE PALO ® are the culmination of a laborious R&D process together with a development that goes beyond the usual, the ordinary and “more of the same”. The maceration of toasted oak of the highest quality from the Gangutia Cooperage offers us this quintessence so that each bottle of our vermouths and mistelas is UNIQUE, ORIGINAL and UNREPEATABLE.

For Bodegas Antonio Llobell of Teulada – Moraira (Alicante – Spain), JARABE DE PALO ® means immersion in the international arena with a totally PREMIUM product to conquer the most demanding palates and provide the consumer with never-before-seen experiences.

Liquor wines for aperitif or dessert, with a brand power that represents its content, character and complexity at 1000%. We have the “Jarabe” and we have the “Palo” hence we use it for our brand, so Spanish and that we like so much, in the words of Sammy Soriano, representative of Oak Master®, we are here to “get a move on” and a lot of JARABE DE PALO ®  to break schemes of the past and the old belief that in the processes of making wines and spirits everything is said.

Enzo Melero, graphic designer of the project, has opted for a sober presentation in two tones and serigraphy, with complete information (English and Spanish) and QR code of the product for those curious  that aim to learn about our innovation processes and approach a new customers, young people, lovers of good appetizer wines inside and outside our borders.

The muscat of Alexandria with which JARABE DE PALO ® is made matures with the sun, the sea breeze and mild temperatures thanks to a privileged microclimate recognized by the OMS. Our large and not very compact bunches, with thick and fleshy yellow grapes have great aromatic power and high sugar content.

Both our own vineyards and those managed are old vines, without genetic modification, presenting our grapes, the same organoleptic conditions as in their origins, in times of the roman occupation.


The liqueur wines JARABE DE PALO ® are the first in Spain to incorporate oak maceration in the bottle. Having already developed the experience in Israel, according to José Cabrera “the Oak Master® stoppers used in the production of” JARABE DE PALO ® improve the organoleptic qualities of these already exceptional liqueur wines”

JARABE DE PALO ® - License by MACAULAY & CUMMING HERITAGE, S.L. | Avda. del Portet 42 - 03724 Moraira (Alicante - España) | CIF B54817747 | RGSEAA 39.005767/A
Elaborated and bottled by R.E. 6908/A | Avda. Santa Catalina 82 - 03725 Teulada (Alicante - España)