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Negroni Blend made from Scratch N.001 Developing our particular production method, our creations are sophisticated combinations of more than 30 botanicals, which avoid the simple mixture of the three elements that a Negroni has, red vermouth, dry gin and the infusion of bitter herbs Our elaborate process integrates a Mix of Origins whose main ingredients are: · 1/3 Muscat of Alexandria wine macerated with herbs such as absinthe, gentian, cinnamon and Cretan dictamo. · 1/3 infusion of bitter herbs, grated fruit, and rinds. Quinine, rhubarb, bitter orange, grapefruit, ginger. · 1/3 infusion of Nebrinas Enlarging the complexity of our NEGRONI, we adopt the evolution in the bottle, an innovative concept of continuous maceration caused by the transfer of flavors and aromas of toasted oak, provided by Oak Master® infusion closures.


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Once upon a time, a Florentine Count of English blood with a creative and adventurous personality was a cowboy in Montana, a professional player and even a fencing instructor in New York.

Camillo Negroni, already settled in his hometown in the 1920s, was a regular at the aristocratic Café Casoni in Via Tornabuoni Florence, there his bartender Fosco Scarselli would prepare his Americano (Vermouth, Campari and Soda) but one day he suggested to the bartender that he change the soda by Dry Gin to obtain a more fortified drink with a punch of alcohol more in line with his personality.

The combination became the Count’s regular drink and soon other bar clients began to order “the drink that Count Negroni drinks” or “Count Negroni-style American cocktail” and the drink became known simply as ‘Negroni’.

The Negroni, had many followers, enjoyed the respect of critics and was known in his country of origin. However, it was far from being a household name in America or the rest of the world. It had to wait a few more years to reach its worldwide recognition that comes after its publication in the Cocktail Portfolio of 1947 as the first time that Negroni appears as such, with a real recipe.Later that year, Orson Welles wrote to American gossip columnist Erskine Johnson about the “Negronis” he was drinking in Rome, where he was filming a movie. Welles accurately described the drink, adding that “[Campari’s] bitters are great for your liver, gin is bad for you” and that they “balance each other.” Johnson put the story in his column, which was widely circulated.

Today the Negroni is considered one of the most famous appetizers in the world.


Mahogany with reddish reflections.

olfactory PHASE

Classic aroma of bitter orange, aromas of sweet berries and celery, and a touch of sweet orange and wormwood. Hints of spices from the infusion of medium toasted French oak


Very balanced flavour. Initially characterised by sweet notes and botanicals from the vermouth, with greater influence on the mid-palate. The juniper and citrus bring more complexity to the palate. The aftertaste is in perfect balance leaving glimpses of light notes of wormwood, gentian and quinine, which is prolonged over time giving a long, fine and very pleasant aftertaste.


Perfect to drink with all kinds of aperitifs such as preserves, salted meats or roasted nuts.

Before lunch or dinner.


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