Red Vermouth


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MEDITERRANEAN VERMUT APPETIZER WITH FRENCH OAK INFUSION Wine macerated with carefully selected herbs using an ancient recipe inherited from medieval times and improved to this day to offer this UNIQUE VERMUT. This Vermouth exhibits toasted aromas and flavors with spicy notes provided by the French oak infusion stoppers, achieving a perfect balance with a background of grapes and raisins from the most recognized muscat vineyard area in the world, Teulada (Alicante - Spain)  

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High quality Mediterranean wine obtained from the Muscat of Alexandria grape variety, macerated with a careful selection of herbs whose recipe comes from the Middle Ages, and infused with a French oak closure . After a careful production process we obtain this vermouth that stands out for its unique aroma and complexity that give it a particular elegance.


Mahogany color with some reddish reflections.

olfactory PHASE

It has an intense and very fresh aroma of the muscat grape with which this vermouth is made and of botanical extracts such as absinthe, gentian, cinnamon or chalk dittany.

The integration with the French oak wood notes of the infusión closure and the balsamic background present is total.


The passage through the mouth is sweet and fresh, with persistence of aromatic plants, spices and toasted wood notes, and ending with subtly bitter notes, all resulting in a perfectly balanced and unique set.


Perfect to take with all kinds of appetizers such as preserves, salted fish or toasted nuts.

Serve cold with ice in a wide glass. Optional with an orange peel or a peel and a few drops of natural lemon.


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