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MISTELA WITH FRENCH OAK INFUSION This noble liqueur wine has been made from the MUSCAT OF ALEXANDRIA variety and is characterized by fruity and raisin aromas and flavors, accompanied by complex notes of toasted wood released by the infusion closures. A unique drink of great international prestige, which is produced in the renowned Alicante area of ​​Teulada (Alicante - Spain)


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Jarabe de Palo is a muscat liqueur wine made from the “The Muscat of Alexandria” grape variety ,  from DOP Teulada Alicante. It is characterized by presenting a goodbody, consistency and intensity, and its secret is the influence of the sea breeze from theMediterranean Sea, a short distance from the vineyards from which the grapes harvested to make this unique drink in the world.


Clean and bright in appearance, it has a golden bronze color that makes it very attractiveto the eye.

olfactory PHASE

On the nose it shows a high aromatic intensity, with fine and clean aromas of honey and muscat grape in an optimal state of maturation, on a background of white flower and with a perfect integration of the spicy tones that French oak contributes, and thatprovide to the whole complexity and roundness.


It has a sweet, fruity and fresh mid palate. The notes of honey, fresh muscat grape and sweet spices and dried fruits from the toasting of the wood appear again. Very unctuousand with correct acidity, it exhibits a very pleasant and balanced palate, and a long and intense aftertaste.


Perfect to take with sweet desserts, chocolates, nuts, fatty cheeses or simply with an orange peel.

Serve at 8 – 10 ºC in a wide glass.


JARABE DE PALO ® - Licencia de MACAULAY & CUMMING HERITAGE, S.L. | Avda. del Portet 42 - 03724 Moraira (Alicante - España) | CIF B54817747 | RGSEAA 39.005767/A
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